DWP Tournament Bowling Club

Rules & Regulations

The DWP TOURNAMENT BOWLING CLUB, aka DWP, is a nonsanctioned traveling bowling group.

MANAGEMENT: The management of the club shall be vested in the Steering Committee which shall consist of a minimum of four members, i.e. Tournament Coordinator and three additional steering committee members.  The Tournament Coordinator will have the option to increase the number of steering committee members as necessary to meet the operational needs of the club.

SCHEDULE: The club will bowl a minimum of three tournaments (two of these tournament will be with ETC) per year on designated weekends as outlined in the annual club tournament schedule.  Additional tournaments may be added at the discretion of the tournament coordinator and steering committee.

TOURNAMENT FEES: Fees will be established for each tournament, designed to cover bowling fees, administrative cost, and tournament prize fund. Fees may be paid by check, cashiers check, money order, or cash.  The club is not currently positioned to take credit card or Pay-Pal payments.

MEMBERSHIP IN THE DWP TOURNAMENT BOWLING CLUB: Open to all DWP employees, retirees, relatives, friends and bowlers in general.  A new bowler is added by a team captain when there is a bowling spot available on their team or by the coordinator when there are no regular bowlers available. There are no dues.  Once you have bowled in at least two (2) consecutive DWP tournaments within the last 2 years you become a member of the DWP Tournament Bowling Club. You must maintain the "at least" two (2) DWP tournaments within the last 2 years to keep your membership up-to-date.

CLUB SENIORITY: Base on years of participation each team (team captain) had a team number which was acquired at the beginning of their participation in the club. This team number became their permanent team number unless it was a temporary fill in for a team not participating in that particular tournament (the same team number is used in every tournament a team participates in). In 2007 the club began to see a tremendous growth in the number of teams participating in the ETC/DWP tournaments.  When the bowling center selected for a tournament could only accommodate so many teams, if those new teams coming in had a team number over the team limit they were unable to bowl in that tournament unless one or more of the teams that made the cut did not participate in that tournament.  When a team drops out of the club each team number below that team are moved up if the teams choose to do so. If the teams below want to keep their team number, the number is given to the next team to qualify to be moved up.

TEAM ROSTER: DWP shall consist of teams with a playing strength of five (5) bowlers per team, with any 3/2 mix of male and female. AT NO TIME WILL THE CLUB ALLOW A FOUR MALE/FEMALE OR A FIVE MALE/FEMALE TEAM TO ENTER ANY TOURNAMENT. NO PBA, WPBA, semi professional or closet professionals or any other type bowlers who do not display the spirit and ideology of the club will be permitted to enter any tournament.  ETC and DWP reserves the right to refuse entry to any team or individual, as well as the right to rerate a bowler during or after tournament play based on their individual skill/ability.

NEW TEAMS: New teams are only added when the maximum team limit with the regular club teams for a tournament is not reached.  All new teams must have at least 2 Tournament Club bowlers that have bowled in 2 DWP/ETC tournaments in the last 2 years. The exception to this is the coordinator may form teams from first time bowlers and/or bowlers without a team who have not bowled in at least 2 Tournaments.

TOURNAMENT REGISTRATION GUIDELINES: Completed form must have the required information: Team name; Team captain; Each bowler’s complete name (in line-up order); Gender of bowler (male or female); Sanction card number or indicate NA if bowler is not sanctioned; Include league sheet (s) for each league a bowler bowls in when required.. Make checks payable to Harriet Nelson-Jones.

Mail your completed registration form, league sheet (s) and check or money order before the deadline due date.

NOT SANCTIONED: DWP uses the published averages from the USBC (National Bowling Association) and we have the option of rerating a bowler based on the USBC rerating system, however, DWP has opted not to sanction our tournaments through the USBC, which simply means there is no official recognition for certain types of bowling achievements and that the USBC has no authority over our tournament rules.  Whenever there is a complaint, the complaint must be submitted to the DWP Steering Committee Complaint Coordinator for resolution.

AVERAGES: Each bowler’s tournament average will be established based on: (1) The highest recorded USBC book winter and summer averages (including two years from the current year). USBC "SPORT BOWLING AVERAGE" will not be used for ETC/DWP tournaments. Any bowler with only a USBC "Sport Bowling Average" and no other verifiable average will be entered with a non-compliant average of 200.  Bowlers entering any ETC/DWP tournament with a non-compliant bowler's average does so with the understanding that DWP reserves the right to adjust a non-compliant bowler's average based on skill and performance during any tournament event. (2) League average = a minimum of 21 games. (3) ETC/DWP tournament average (a minimum of one tournament is required to establish a DWP tournament average).  (4) New bowlers without a book, league or tournament average will be given an entering average of 185 for men and 165 for women. New bowlers will establish a tournament average after three games. EXCEPTION: If a bowler has a book, tournament or league average, that average must be at least 140 for women and 165 for men in order to participate in the ETC/DWP Bowling Tournaments.  If it is not, the bowler will be given a 140 or 165 average.  NO BOWLER with a book or league average over 225 will be allowed to participate in the ETC/DWP or DWP BowlingTournaments.

ENTERING AVERAGE: The maximum entering team average shall be 925. EXCEPTION: For the solo DWP Invitational Tournaments the entering team average shall be 930.

REPLACING A REGULAR BOWLER: Bowlers replacing those already on the team roster 8 days before a tournament will be added as a "sub" and will only be participating in singles and team event.  There is no refund of fees already paid for the optional games. The "sub" is not allowed to participant in any of the optional games which also includes the 3rd Game $5.00 Side Pots.

SUBSTITUTES: Subs added on tournament day will only be allowed to participate in singles and team events.  Subs are not allowed to participant in any optional games which also includes the 3rd Game $5.00 Side Pots.  No NEW BOWLERS with an average over 200 will be added to the roster on the day of the tournament.

HANDICAP: Handicap shall be 80% of 200 and will be reviewed annually.

VACANCY SCORE: Male and female vacancy scores are used solely for the purpose of establishing entering average for teams that are missing bowlers. This score is the same as the Absentee Score.  If a team is missing a bowler on tournament day, those positions are considered absent and will revert to the absentee score as outlined below. EXCEPTION: For the solo DWP Invitational Tournaments the vacancy score will be 140 for females and 165 for males plus handicap.

ABSENTEE SCORE: Absentee scores shall be in effect when a bowlers does not show for tournament competition and there are no qualified subs available The absentee score will be 130 and zero handicap. EXCEPTION: For the solo DWP Invitational Tournaments the absent bowler's handicap minus 10 pins plus handicap will be used.

TARDY BOWLERS: A bowler will be allowed to enter a game in progress up to the fourth frame. Bowler will be given a score of zero for frames missed. (NOTE: a frame shall be considered completed when the bowler in the anchor position on each team has rolled their last ball in that frame).


PRIZES & AWARDS: Prizes included in bowling fees will consist of singles and team event. The amount of the prize fund will be determined by bowler participation. Optional doubles, side-pots, ETC brackets and other games of chance will be offered during each tournament. Prizes are awarded following each tournament at the awards presentation: EXCEPTION: The 1st and 2nd game side pots prizes are paid during tournament play.

PERMISSION TO COLLECT: Team captains and team captains only will be allowed to collect for their team members. Spouses will be allowed to pick up prize money for each other. No team captain will be allowed to collect winnings for any bowler not on their team unless the other bowler is a spouse. If a bowler(s) or his/her captain is not present for awards presentations, his/her prize money will be collected by the coordinator and a check will be mailed to the bowler(s) or team captain to give to the bowler(s). New bowlers or bowlers who have been placed on a team who are not present for awards presentations, their prize money will be collected by the coordinator and a check will be mailed to the bowler(s). If a bowler does not want his/her team captain or spouse to collect his/her prize money, he/she must inform the coordinator of this and he/she will be asked to sign a form that says he/she wants his/her prize fund mailed.

REFUNDS: Please be sure you are able to bowl before sending in your tournament fees because there are NO REFUNDS AFTER THE DEADLINE DATE. We realize that unexpected emergencies and illnesses do occur, however, the same refund rules applies to everyone and every situation.

DWP TOURNAMENT BOWLING CLUB UNIFORM: Each participant is required to wear a DWP Tournament Bowling Club uniform. The "uniform" is a designated DWP Tournament Bowling Club shirt and a designated pants/skirt/shorts color to be worn with the designated DWP Tournament Bowling Club shirt.

NEW BOWLERS: ALL NEW BOWLERS and those bowlers who do not have the tournament shirts MUST purchase a shirt in order to bowl. The cost of the shirt must be included with the tournament registration fees.

APPROPRIATE TOURNAMENT ATTIRE: No SHORT-SHORTS OR DAISY DUKES WILL BE ALLOWED. We are an adult traveling tournament club. Participants are expected to dress accordingly.

ANY BOWLER who chooses not wear appropriate tournament attire without a GOOD explanation may have his/her fees returned and will not be allowed to participate in that tournament.