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The DWP Tournament Club was formed March 9, 1994.

In January 1994 Harriet Nelson-Jones was the secretary of the DWP Bowling League at Holiday Bowl. Someone (we do not know who) had given her name to someone on the SCE steering committee and a call was made to her asking if DWP employees (and their families and friends) would be interested in bowling in a tournament in Las Vegas on October 1-2, 1994 with employees (and their families and friends) from Southern California Edison Company, Southern California Gas Company, GTE, Pacific Bell and San Diego Gas & Electric Company.

To see if there was any interest, Harriet placed an article in the CONTACT, the DWP employees’ magazine, seeking bowlers. There was interest!

Many “Harriet” newsletters were sent out and several meetings with prospective bowlers were held. Eventually we had sixteen teams.

After the Las Vegas tournament, Kathy Peterson (who stopped bowling in 1999), suggested we “get DWP T-shirts to add some identity to the group if we are going to continue to bowl in the tournaments”.

On May 20, 1995 we bowled in our first Balance of Power Tournament at Bowling Square in Arcadia California and the DWP Tournament shirt was born.

After 1995, Southern California Gas Company, GTE, Pacific Bell and San Diego Gas & Electric Company no longer participated in the tournaments.

Over the years we have struggled to keep interest in the club and we have gone from as few as nine teams to thirty three teams at the 2013 All Utility Bowling Tournament in Las Vegas.

There are nine original bowlers still with us who bowled in the first Las Vegas tournament and sixteen original bowlers who bowled in the first Balance of Power Tournament.

The original steering committee consisted of seven members, Harriet Nelson-Jones, Shirley Lockley, Sharon Lee-Shaw, Van Carson, Phillip Nelson, Maurice Mathews and James C. Jones II. Four of these original members are still on the steering committee. Van Carson, Maurice Mathews and Phillip Nelson had to leave due to health issues. Maurice Mathews died on August 26, 2014.

Dorlette Stokes (2006), Ester Jones (2008) and Butch Long (2013) have stepped in to complete the Steering Committee. 

In 2000, the DWP Tournament Club was renamed the DWP Tournament Bowling Club.

The club currently bowls in two yearly tournaments with the Edison Tournament Club - one in Las Vegas in October and one in the Southern California region in April.

On January 25, 2014, the DWP Tournament Bowling Club held its 1st Annual Invitational Bowling Tournament at the Valley View Lanes in Garden Grove, California.  This tournament was for DWP Tournament Bowling Club bowlers only.  It was such a success that we have decided to continue having this tournament annually in January.

The club is non-profit and is supported by the tournament fees and raffles. Due to the fact that some of our bowlers have been with the club(s) since its inception and do not participate in sanctioned bowling leagues, ETC/DWP have opted not to sanction our tournaments through the National Bowling Association, which simply means there is no official recognition for certain types of bowling achievements.

DWP Tournament Bowling Club is open to all DWP employees, retirees, family and friends.